Frequently Asked Questions

How is the footing?
We are in a stone dust ring (same as what is used at NE Finals) so we are confident that if it is maintained properly the footing will be really good. But we are aware of the concerns about dust. The owners of the venue continue to work very hard over the summer to work on multiple ways to control the dust. This is a BIG priority for us!

How can I become a sponsor?
Contact any board member or send an email to to us. As a non-profit organization, we couldn't run this show without the generosity of our sponsors! Visit our Sponsors page for more information.

How can I advertise in the program? When is the deadline?
Contact any board member or send an email to to us. The deadline for getting your ad to us is June 15th.

How can I be a vendor at the show?
Contact any board member or send an email to to us. Vendor fees are $75 for the day unless you donate something of equal value. Visit our Vendors page for more information.

How do I know when to take my horsemanship test?
We have posted specific times to take your test (go to the Class List page to see the schedule). You should arrive at the tent a few minutes before your scheduled time to find a seat and get checked in.

Are you taking steps to ensure that the schooling area is safe?
We have a large schooling area that will have an in-gate attendant ensuring that a maximum of 10 (the next 10 to go in the posted order) is not exceeded and who will direct riders if some one should fall. We will also provide flags on the jumps to keep everyone jumping in the same direction.

Will horses be allowed in the spectator area?
No! Signs are posted everywhere, and we hand out a diagram to all competitors specifying where horses will and will not be allowed. No horses will be allowed in the vendor area or the spectator's areas.